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Podcast Episode 42: Re-Introductions, Buddhist Temples and Idols

Podcast Episode 42: Re-Introductions, Buddhist Temples and Idols

This upcoming week marks the first anniversary for the show, and I think over the next few weeks, we’ll be re-visiting some of the basics. Over the past year I have revised my way of thinking on some topics, and better learned to explain others, while gaining many, many new listeners and readers who weren’t around a year ago. Since the show is aimed toward new Buddhists and others curious about Buddhism, I don’t think we can cover the beginnings too much. So February will be ‚Äúback to basics‚Äù month here on the Daily Buddhism. Don’t hesitate to email or phone in your questions as always, but the ‚Äúlesson‚Äù portions of the show will be on some of the early material.

On that note, it’s been a while since I’ve done a full introduction to the Daily Buddhism and everything available through the site. So here goes:

The Daily Buddhism is an Email Newsletter and Website dedicated to explaining the basics of Buddhism to people who have been raised in a traditional Western setting influenced primarily by Christianity. We avoid all the Buddhist jargon and as many foreign words as possible; there’s no need to learn all that terminology to understand what Buddhism has to offer and how to practice it. I tend to emphasize the practice, real-world benefits of meditation and the Buddhist lifestyle, as well as the ethics and philosophy of Buddhism. I follow the Zen approach to Buddhism, although I have no problem discussing more religious approaches to Buddhism when the topic comes up.

The Daily Buddhism is set up to send out five main newsletter emails each week, one topic per weekday, and they can be about anything; lessons, questions and answers, reviews, koans, and the occasional guest post. Every Saturday, I do an audio show, or as some people call it, a podcast. This is usually me reading the daily emails aloud, and maybe adding a little commentary after the fact, along with any announcements that have come up during the week. On Sunday, I release the ‚ÄúWeekly Buddhism PDF Magazine‚Äù a printable version of what has gone before in that week, with full-color pictures suitable for printing out. It also usually has some additional material related to the week’s material. This week, for example, it will contain the full text of the ‚Äú37 Practices of the Bodhisattva‚Äù, which is mentioned in one of the daily articles. The Weekly PDF Magazine is a low-cost paid subscription at $1.25 or less per issue, but it’s the only thing offered that you don’t get for free. Everything else, the newsletter, website, blog, and audio show are completely free. I also run a few other website which may or may not interest you; check out the list of links on the website.

My favorite part of the show is where I can answer your questions on Buddhism and related topics. Anything goes, from the deathly serious to silly stuff; you choose the topic. You can email me at or phone in and leave a voice mail message at 937-660-4949 at any time of the day or night. Remember: I answer ALL questions. If it’s something personal and private, say so, and it’ll be just between us. Otherwise, I’ll try to use it on the show; all your personal information is private and confidential however. If I don’t answer your email within a few hours, be patient; I’m probably waiting to use it in the newsletter. If it’s something urgent, I’ll email you back right away. There is also space underneath every single posting on the website for you to enter your own ideas and comments; more and more people are taking advantage of this in recent weeks, and sometimes the comments are better than the posts. So do definitely take advantage of that.

I mentioned before that we have the occasional guest post. If you have some story, experience or lesson that you’d like to write up and share with everyone, send me an email with the basics of your idea and we’ll see about you doing a guest post. You don’t need to be a Buddhist Master, just have a good story with some kind of Buddhist point to it. It’s easy!

One last thing; The show is supported primarily by your donations. You can find more info about that on the website, but there are many options available for any amount you want to send. If you enjoy the show, or it has helped you in some way, please help back; I do put a lot of time and effort into all this.

And now let’s get to this week’s material!

[Read the past five blog posts or emails for contents of the show]

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