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Weekly Buddhism Issue 1

Weekly Buddhism?

We’ve all gotten used to the format of the Daily Buddhism, and it works well for most things. However, there are some topics I’d like to cover that really don’t have a place in the daily emails.

There are some ideas that would be better to cover in greater depth than two or three paragraphs in an email will allow. There are “real” news articles, as well as things that are either too small to spend a day on or so large that it could take days to complete. Plus, the PDF format allows a huge range of text and graphic options, so I can put together a much more attractive offering than possible with email or even the website. Basically, I want a wider range of options for these things.

So, rather than change the “daily system” and risk fouling up a good thing, I think its a good idea to add a new outlet to the mix: The Weekly Buddhism is a full-color printable newsletter meant to be printed or saved and perhaps put in a binder. There will be some overlap; most of what goes into the Daily Buddhism will wind up here as well, but the plan is to offer much more expanded, exclusive content in the “Magazine” format.

As with everything things change, and this project will evolve as they all do.
— Brian Schell

p.s. Nothing is changing with the Daily Buddhism, this is a new ADDED feature.


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  • dhana

    i need to practice meditation in my life.. already its late, but dont like to postpone anymore..

    Thanks and regards