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Companion Site Announcement

Hello to all fans! This is a brief note to announce a new website that will be a companion to the site. will be going online (returning from hiatus actually) next Monday, May 12th.

The Tao (or Dao) was incredibly influential with all Eastern thought, including Buddhism, so reading through the Tao will add to your understanding of Buddhism. It’s not exactly the same thing, but there is enough overlap to make it worth your while to go through the Tao at least once.

The Tao of the Day will send out one chapter of the Tao Te Ching every weekday. There are 81 chapters, so the whole cycle takes around 16 or 17 weeks. The chapters are short, usually about one or two quick paragraphs.

Give it a shot if you’re interested. Just as with, s completely free. And yes, there will be a DAILY audio podcast of the Tao to accompany the website. So whether you want to hear to Tao or just read it in your email or on the web, all the options are available. The link is:

to sign up for the Tao of the Day mailing list, use the sign-up box in the upper right-hand corner of the Tao site. You can also subscribe by sending an email to:

(it’s automated, just send the email, you don’t need to actually say anything) and then respond to the confirmation message it will send you.

Have a great day

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