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Buddhist Symbology Part 1: The Lotus

Buddhist Symbology Part 1

One thing that non-Buddhists always notice are the distinctive symbols ‚Ä®involved with the various sects of Buddhism. We talked briefly about ‚Ä®the ‚ÄúWheel of Dharma‚Äù a while back, but that’s just the tip of the ‚Ä®iceberg. There are eight major symbols known as the ‚ÄúEight . . . → Read More: Buddhist Symbology Part 1: The Lotus



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Effective as of today, I am removing the forums. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of interest, but it is taking a great deal of time to moderate all the spam and “crank” messages being posted there. I may try another message forum at another time, but for now, just . . . → Read More: Announcement

Question: Meditation and Medical Conditions

Q&A #14

OK, I said last week that I was done with the questions for a little while, but this one seemed important, and one that I really can’t answer. If any of you have a suggestion or solution to this, please post it on the site or send me an email and I’ll forward . . . → Read More: Question: Meditation and Medical Conditions

Podcast Episode 11: Q&A Part 1


The podcast for the first bunch of reader questions is available now.

. . . → Read More: Podcast Episode 11: Q&A Part 1

Q&A: Books and Self-Help

Q&A #13

Two more reader comments and then we’ll get back to more instructional stuff next week. Have a great weekend!


A Reader recently wrote:


You mentioned that you didn’t know a lot about Tantra/Vajrayana i have a book that either you could read or just reccomend to others in search of more . . . → Read More: Q&A: Books and Self-Help