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Rioting Buddhists Clash With Muslims

A reader asks:

What is the Buddhist perspective on this

10 die as Buddhists, Muslims clash in Myanmar

My Response:

The world is a big place, and there are all sorts of situations. Sometimes these situations lead to violence. Nevertheless, you are right, these people aren’t acting in a particularly Buddhist fashion. Buddhists eschew . . . → Read More: Rioting Buddhists Clash With Muslims

Truth in Labeling

A reader writes:

I am not sure if this is the right place to send a question, but it is the only reference to questions I found on the website.

I am reading about Buddhism because I started to meditate after exercising in the morning and found that it brought the most amazing sense of peace . . . → Read More: Truth in Labeling

Lamas, Geshes and Cults… It’s the NKT!

A reader writes:

 I have a question:  What is going on with the brouhaha over Dorje Shugden and the row between the Dalai Lama and the New Kadampa Tradition? (if this is too detailed a question for your site, that’s totally fine.)

My response:

It’s a big question, one that may be beyond the scope of this site, but here’s the story . . . → Read More: Lamas, Geshes and Cults… It’s the NKT!

Converting to Buddhism

A reader writes:

What would it take to convert over to Buddhism?

My Response:

We’ve talked about this a number of times before, but it keeps coming up, so at the very least, that means there a lot of wanna-be new Buddhists out there. That’s a good thing!

Although there are some traditions or denominations of Buddhism that . . . → Read More: Converting to Buddhism

Koan: Accurate Proportion

Koan: Accurate Proportion

Sen-no Rikyu, a tea-master, wished to hang a flower basket on a column. he asked a carpenter to help him, directing the man to place it a little higher or lower, to the right or left, until he had found exactly the right spot. “That’s the place,” said Sen-no Rikyu at long last.

The carpenter, . . . → Read More: Koan: Accurate Proportion