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Is Death a Reset Button?

A reader writes:

Message: Hey Brian, really enjoy all the podcasts and this site. I have been studying Buddhism now for almost two years and my life gets better on a daily basis.

My question is : it seems that our purpose is to fully awaken and be free of attachment. Well it seems . . . → Read More: Is Death a Reset Button?

When Buddhism Fails Me… Abusive Relationships

A Reader Writes:

Message: Hi, my partner has issues with anger and deep regrets in his life. He says that if he hadn’t met me his life would be completely different and he would have been a success. He seems full of hate at times and says terrible things about me and his family, and . . . → Read More: When Buddhism Fails Me… Abusive Relationships

When Meditation Isn’t Enough

A reader writes:

Hello I’m a fellow Buddhist, I do have a temper and stress problem and always have and have tried to work on it. I have suffered from anxiety since young adulthood, but recently after giving birth to my son have been affected with what doctors think is stress induced IBS. It . . . → Read More: When Meditation Isn’t Enough

Legendary Days and Holidays

A Reader writes:

I’m listening to the podcast on Buddhist Christmas, and I just wanted to add one thing. Technically, Christmas is not a Christian holiday. It started in Germany from a saint (Nicholas) who gave out presents to orphans. And if you do scientific research, you can figure out that there is no . . . → Read More: Legendary Days and Holidays

From New York to India, by Forrest Curran

Forrest Curran

It’s Guest Post time once again!

If you or someone you know is interested in writing a guest post, drop me a note.

Forrest Curran is the founder of Purple Buddha Project. From Tokyo, Japan; he is currently traveling the World while he spreads motivation and encouragement through his project.



From New York to India

Following your dreams . . . → Read More: From New York to India, by Forrest Curran