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Eat Your Vegetables!

Dear Brian, 

I am thinking about converting into Buddhism. To me it just feels right. Although after listening to your introduction about the 5 Precepts, I find it hard to follow the 1st and the 5th. 

I have been to Iraq and fortunately I wasn’t put in a position to take another person’s life. I don’t think that . . . → Read More: Eat Your Vegetables!

Monthly Buddhism Issue 1 (May 2009)

Issue #1, May 2009, 61 Pages, $4.95

Contents:Resentment, Fear, and Anger 3
Koan: Mokusen’s Hand 4
Living Death 5
Buddhists vs. Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Jihad 6
Learning to Meditate with Sakyong Mipham 10
Koan: Everything Is Best 10
I, Being of Sound Mind 11
Koan: Last Will & Testament 14
Stringing Us Along 15
Rewards and Punishment 16
Buddha the hindu and Jesus the Jew 23
Koan: A . . . → Read More: Monthly Buddhism Issue 1 (May 2009)

Starting Buddhist Practice … How?

A Reader Asks:

I grew up in the United States in a Christian-Baptist household. I always felt that this was not right for me, and formally denounced this faith as I embarked on my journey into adulthood. Lacking any faith whatsoever, I spent time researching ‚Äúreligion‚Äù as a whole and found many concepts from Buddhism that I . . . → Read More: Starting Buddhist Practice … How?

Words of Advice for the New Buddhist


I am in the midst of a spiritual journey that has lead me to explore Buddhism.

So I would like to ask: If you could say anything to someone looking into Buddhism for the first time what would you say?


I will now boil down all my experience with Buddhism into one pithy line that will quickly . . . → Read More: Words of Advice for the New Buddhist