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On Teaching Buddhism: My Point of View

A long-time reader wrote:

You mentioned in several past episodes that you are not a┬áZen┬áMaster or Guru, and yet, you have taught hundreds if not thousands of disciples through your podcast. Does this not make you then a teacher of aspiring Buddhists? With the availability of the internet, it is likely your students/listeners have more . . . → Read More: On Teaching Buddhism: My Point of View

Book: The Saint of Kathmandu, by Sarah Levine

Book: The Saint of Kathmandu and Other Tales of the Sacred in Distant Lands
By Sarah Levine
Reviewed by Brian Schell
Beacon Press, 242 Pages, ISBN 978-0-8070-1312-0
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This is a little different from the other books I’ve reviewed here. It’s not strictly a Buddhist book; it’s about various religions around the world. There are six stories . . . → Read More: Book: The Saint of Kathmandu, by Sarah Levine

DVD Review: Zen Noir

Movie: Zen Noir
Director: Marc Rosenbush
Reviewed by Brian Schell
English, 71 Minutes
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I saw the trailers for this movie last winter, and it looked hilarious, so when I finally had a chance to watch the film, I jumped at it. Zen humor is not something you see everyday, and this was obviously advertised as a comedy.

The movie is . . . → Read More: DVD Review: Zen Noir