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Enlightenment: Are We There Yet?


I have been wondering about enlightenment. How do you know if you have reached it, or if you have not? Do you think you could be enlightened already without knowing it? I know this might be a sort of zen question without a straightforward answer, but I am interested in hearing your comments on it. Thanks!


How . . . → Read More: Enlightenment: Are We There Yet?

Rebirth, Death, Heaven and Nirvana


I recently lost my grandmother, and now have no grandparents left. I’m comforted with the belief that my grandparents went to Heaven and are with God and each other. My question is sort of a two-sided one: How do Buddhists handle death, and what do they believe about life after death? I’ve heard about reincarnation, but . . . → Read More: Rebirth, Death, Heaven and Nirvana