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I LOVE Daily Buddhism!!! 5/5
This podcast has been one of the great finds for me this year! Brian’s instruction in the podcasts are warm, clear and inspiring, and the web site is full of even more great information. I can’t believe how much I have learned already. Thank you Brian and keep up the great work!

Review from iTunes
Excellent 5/5
By Nickname goes here
In this age where everyone thinks their way is the only way (e.g. Religion, presidential politics, etc.) it is GREAT to have this podcast where we are informed in a non-judgemental way. The emphasis on application and living implications ar GREAT. Check this out and subscribe, I am glad I did.

This is great 5/5
By Toberto

I skipped around with all the podcasts out there but I can’t get enough of this one. If you’re a beginner interested in Buddhism, this is definitely the place to try. I’ve listened to all the episodes at least 3 times. Strongly Recommend.

Review from iTunes
Great Podcast! 5/5
By Beginner Buddhist
This podcast is very informative with a professional, yet laid back approach. It is very non-judgmental and accepts all who listen to it. It’s a perfect place to learn about Buddhism and to become connected with others who do. Keep up the great work Brian!