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Announcements 8/25/08

1. For those of you who are enjoying the podcasts, I have a special new audiobook offer. The website and podcast are currently at around chapter fifty. For those of you who are impatient to finish, you’ll like this:

“The Tao- Remastered” This is a three CD set featuring the entire Tao Te Ching, read by me. This is the same translation we are currently working through on the site, but all the audio has been completely re-recorded in far higher quality than the original podcast recordings.

You get two audio CDs that will play in a regular CD player with all 81 chapters ready to go. There is also a third CD with all the files in MP3 format ready to load into your iPod or other audio player. The third CD also has the entire text of the Tao in PDF eBook format, ready to read online or print out.

The Tao Remastered:

2. My latest audio show, Arcane Tales, is now online and active. This one is primarily a podcast or audio show devoted to classic tales of horror, science-fiction, and fantasy, read by‚Ķ me of course! At some point in the future, I’ll even be slipping in some of my own fiction stories. The website is at or you can subscribe to the audio feed directly at As usual with a new podcast, it’s not available on iTunes just yet, but will be soon. I’ll be sure to mention it again when it becomes available that way. There’s also a sign-up form for announcements and notifications that you can join if you are interested.

3. If you enjoy the show or the newsletters, please donate something. I’m not getting paid anything for the work I do here, and sites do cost money. Everything and anything you send in will help cover the costs of improving the site. There are donation buttons right on the website, so it’s easy to find and donate. And yes, there ARE reasons I’m bringing this up more often than I have in the past.

4. Although I will still be answering emails, I am going to be taking next week off from all my newsletters. I have several special projects that will be taking most of the week. Stay tuned!

2 comments to Announcements

  • Kathleen

    “There are donation buttons right on the website, so it‚Äôs easy to find and donate. And yes, there ARE reasons I‚Äôm bringing this up more often than I have in the past.”
    Which Buddhist charity will you be donating the money to?
    The Monks in Myamar or Tibet reilef?

  • Neither; As it says right there in the message, the money goes to support the website and podcast. Rather than charge for access to the Daily Buddhism, I am making payment voluntary and optional. There are numerous costs to run the site, including webhosting, bandwidth, equipment, and other things.

    If anyone chooses to donate to those worthy charities that you mentioned, there are many places online to do so.