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Podcast Episode 32: Women in Buddhism

Reader Submitted Shrine #3

Reader Submitted Shrine #3

Podcast Episode 32: Women in Buddhism

Welcome back, this is Daily Buddhism audio show number thirty-two. I’m Brian Schell, your host for the show. You can find the text for everything in this show and all past episodes on our website at .

A few brief announcements this Week:

The Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine Issue #7 will be available later this weekend, and this one is jam-packed with pictures and images. Someone asked me if clicking on the Donate $5 a month button qualifies for the free subscription, and yes, that sounds reasonable to me. So I am now expanding the offer to include those who use the automatic recurring subscription feature. If you want to do this, just click on the “Donate $5 a month” button on any page. If you want to pick up only the latest issue or subscribe the regular way, go to

I have a few reader questions that I plan to use for next week’s show, but I would still like to hear your questions and comments on anything at all. Drop me an email at or call in 24 hours a day with your phone at 937-660-4949

I got another reader-submitted shrine picture this week, which I will post with the shownotes to this episode. If you have one, go ahead and send it in as an attachment to your email message; it’s not too late.

Just a quick follow up to my announcement last week, the Daily Chess Lesson website and email list will officially start on Monday. If you never learned to play the game, sign up now before we get started with the rules and stick around when we get into strategies and stuff later. or follow the link from the DB website.

And that’s it for the Announcements for the week. Now, on with this week’s show!

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This Week’s Links

Women in Buddhism Part 1: Maya

Women in Buddhism Part 2: Pajapati

Women in Buddhism Part 3: Kwan Yin

Book: The Moon In the Water, Reflections on an Aging Parent

Koan: Gisho’s Work

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