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Podcast Episode 30: Zen Gardens, Home Shrines, Conversion, and Reviews

Podcast Episode 30: Zen Gardens, Home Shrines, Conversion, and Reviews

Welcome back, this is Daily Buddhism audio show number thirty. I’m Brian Schell, your host for the show. You can find the text for everything in this show and all past episodes on our website at .

A few brief announcements this Week:

This week I installed a poll plugin onto the DB site. If you’d like to help me test it out, there’s a really simple poll on there right now: ‚ÄúWhich do you prefer, the audio show, email, PDF Magazine or website?‚Äù It’s not an important question; I’m just testing the software. But if you want to put in your answer, it’s on the right- Taooftheday.comhand side of any page.

The Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine Issue #5 will be available later this weekend, but as I mentioned in previous shows, is now subscription-only. We talked about rates last week, so I’ll skip that this time, but I will remind you where to go whether you want just this single issue or a full subscription. Go to which will take you straight to the page for the magazine.

Also, I have noticed that the topics we are getting into are getting more and more advanced. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, it’s a natural progression, but it seems likely that there are plenty of new listeners out there. I recently put all the old audio shows back online, so anyone can go back and listen to the early ones. Those shows are older, and the audio quality isn’t too good on a few of them, but content-wise, they are the most important of all of them. If anyone has any questions about that early material, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I have no problem re-visiting the basics. If you would like me to re-address any of those topics in the near future, that’s fine with me; it’s probably a good idea to get back to basics once in a while.

But now, on with this week’s show!

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This Week’s Links

Zen Gardens

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Desktop Zen Garden Kit:

Book: Here You Are, By Mayke Beckmann Briggs

Buy from Amazon:

Becoming a Buddhist: Conversion Rituals

Older DB Articles on the topic:

Tibetan Conversion Ceremony:

Review: Zen and Now Timepiece

Now and Zen Company Site:

Setting Up A Home Buddhist Shrine

Weekly Buddhism Subscription Info:

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