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Podcast Episode 29: Fear, Footprints, Family & Fat

Podcast Episode 29: Fear, Footprints, Family & Fat

Welcome back, this is Daily Buddhism audio show number twenty-nine. I’m Brian Schell, your host for the show. You can find the text for everything in this show and all past episodes on our website at

This week we had a koan, a couple of reader questions, a book review, an interesting lesson from that book and a special edition podcast.

Announcements for the Week:

The only major announcement this week involves the new Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine.

The Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine Issue #4 will be available later this weekend, and as before will still be free. However, starting next week, with issue #5, it will become subscription-only. I posted the rates last week, but this week I set up the site to accept your payments, so everything is good to go for your subscriptions. The rates are as follows:

Each individual issue will be only $1.25. My thinking behind this is that people who don’t subscribe may still want one from time to time to pick up certain articles. I’ll still be posting the table of contents to the site as I have in the past few weeks, so you can see what’s inside and decide.

The next step up is what I call the ‚ÄúTrial Offer,‚Äù although you can do this repeatedly every month is you want. It’s a mini-subscription of 4 issues. This runs $5.00. You won’t save any money by going this route, but it’s intended as a convenience over remembering to buy individual issues.

The best option, is of course the full subscription. This is $50 for an entire year. That’s a dollar per issue. If you’ve looked at the free copies I’ve sent out in the podcast feed, you can’t argue that there’s way more value there than a dollar.

Remember though, that the Daily Buddhism daily emails and the audio podcast will remain free just as they have been. The Weekly Buddhism, however, wil have all the same material as the mails and audio show, but include a lot of expanded content such as current events, news, full texts of classic Buddhist books, and much more. I have big plans for this.

One more note on this: I have mentioned from time to time that you can donate on the DB website. I have gotten a lot of support, and I appreciate it. For those of you who have donated $50 or more in the past, you will automatically get a year’s subscription. Just to keep things fair, that offer stands. Whether you want to BUY a subscription, or choose to DONATE $50, you’ll get a year’s subscription. So you can look at the payment in whichever way works better for you.

Oh yes, there is another announcement. I had been reading the Dhammapada, my favorite of the classic Buddhist texts, a chapter a week in the Daily Buddhism, but I’m going to discontinue that. With 26 chapters, it would have taken 4 or 5 more months to finish. But now, with the Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine, I can put the entire book in there, and that’s what I’m going to do. Issue #4, the last free issue, will include the entire Dhammapada. If you’re disappointed by this decision, and really WANT me to bring it back a chapter week, let me know, but I think doing it this way is much more efficient.

And that sounded more like a sales pitch than announcements, so let’s speed on with the show for the week!

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