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Podcast Episode 26: Meditation Styles, Part 3

Podcast Episode 26: Meditation Styles, Part 3

Welcome back, this is Daily Buddhism audio show number twenty-six. I’m Brian Schell, your host for the show. You can find the text for everything in this show and all past episodes on our website at

This week we continued the series on Meditation, covering 40 meditation themes, the basic practices involved with loving kindness meditation, and a book review on L-K meditation. Finally, we concluded with a very brief overview of some other kinds of meditation that you could look into on your own if interested.

Meditation is a huge subject, and possibly the most important part of Buddhism. I’ve covered a lot of material in the past three weeks, but there is just a huge volume of things I didn’t say. Send in your questions on meditation or Buddhism in general to or phone them in at 937-660-4949. You can also post your thoughts about anything we discuss on the website’s blog at


Last weekend saw the introduction of something completely new for us, the Weekly Buddhism ‚ÄúMagazine.‚Äù Last week’s 1st edition went out in the podcast feed, so if you are subscribed to the podcast you already have it. Otherwise, it’s available at the regular Daily Buddhism website or also at the new Weekly Buddhism site ( The second issue will go out the same way sometime this weekend. It’s a weekly compilation of everything that goes into the Daily Buddhism emails and the podcast, as well as expanded coverage on some topics, such as current real-world news, more classic Buddhist texts, and extra premium content. The Weekly Buddhism is formatted for easy printing, and my thought is that it would be nice to collect them over time into a binder. You’d have quite a bit of material there for alter review after a short time. It’s free for now, although it may not be free forever, so check it out and see what you think. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

I’ve had several people mention in the past that the Daily Buddhism isn’t available by RSS. I always replied that it was available, just click on the RSS button. Wrong! What I had been missing all that time was that only the PODCAST episodes were showing up in that feed. The podcast was working fine, but the daily posts didn’t go into the feed. I don’t know how long that had been the case, but I don’t think it was a recent goof. Well, that’s fixed now. On the right-hand sidebar of any page at the D.B. site, there are three buttons. The top one is to subscribe with iTunes. If you use iTunes, click that one. If you use some other feedcatcher program for podcasts, then click on the second button, ‚ÄúRSS Podcast.‚Äù If you’d like to subscribe to the newly-fixed text RSS feed, then click on the third button, ‚ÄúRSS Blog.‚Äù Of course, just above those three buttons is the sign-up form for the daily email, and you’ve heard me talk about that plenty over the past months.

Let’s get on with the show!

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