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Podcast Episode 20: Phone-Ins, Performance Reviews, and a Dramatic Death

Podcast Episode 20: Phone-Ins, Performance Reviews, and a Dramatic Death

And welcome back! This is Episode 20 of the Daily Buddhism, and I am your host, Brian Schell. We had a short week this time because of the holiday, so we only had four topics this week.

The big announcement of the week was that we do now have the call-in number. Write this down! You can call 24 hours a day with your questions or topic ideas, your comments and suggestions, or anything else that you think might interest listeners here. The number is 937-660-4949 – Call in and let me know what you think on any topic. And of course you can always send me email at

Stop in at the website, Comment on any topic, or sign up for the daily mailing list while you’re there. Donating to the site is easy and helps keep things running here better and better.

If you’d like to help out without sending money, you can look up the Daily Buddhism in the podcast section of the iTunes Store and leave a review for the show there. I think I only have six reviews up there now, and I know I wrote one of them myself, so that doesn’t really count. As far as my other podcasts, the last I checked, no one had ever written a review for the Tao of the Day site, so if you listen to that one and like it, write a review on that one too. And someone just left an amazing review for Arcane Tales on iTunes; a review like that makes doing it all extra rewarding for me. The other sites and shows are fun to do, but Daily Buddhism is my flagship show, and that’s were the action really is. Keep your emails and questions coming in, I love doing this!

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