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Podcast Episode 19: Christian Karma and Buddhist Dogfood

Podcast Episode 19: Christian Karma and Buddhist Dogfood

And welcome back! This is Episode 19 of the Daily Buddhism, and I am your host, Brian Schell. I don’t have too much in the way of announcements this week, but I do want to point out a few quick things:

* Monday is a holiday and I’ll be out of town, so there won’t be a daily email on Monday.

* Not much has changed as far as donations are concerned since last week; but I’m not going to keep harping on it.

* This is already Episode 19. Wow; it seems like we’ve only just started! The good news is that I have material to continue for pretty much forever. The bad news is that all the audio shows cannot stay available online forever. Between web hosting space, and more importantly, bandwidth issues, I am going to start taking down some of the oldest shows starting next week. I hope to be able to leave the past 15 weeks of audio shows online, so each week as I add a new one, I’ll take off one from way back.

My recommendation for now is that if you don’t already have all the back episodes of the show, that you should find the ones you don’t already have and download them now while they’re still here. Remember, we started out with an episode ‚Äúzero‚Äù for an introductory show. Hmm. I guess that actually makes this the 20th episode.

You can find them all here (this week anyway):

This week’s links:

Christian Karma?

Intoxication: The Last Word (For now)

Buddhist Jargon and Terminology

Koan: The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

Buddhist Dog Food

Dhammapada Chapter 3: Thought

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