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CD Review: Sitar Secrets by Al Gromer Khan

CD: Sitar Secrets
Artist: Al Gromer Khan
Publisher: New Earth Records
Run time: 9 tracks, 47:42 Minutes
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sitar_secretsA couple of weeks ago, I reviewed a CD by Chinmaya Dunster, which I said was a bit “whangy-twangy” due to the style and the instruments he used, which included the sitar. This one is similar in many respects, but this CD is almost exclusively sitar music.

From the cover: “Sitar Secrets is yet another mesmerizing album from ambient sound architect Al Gromer Khan. At once entrancing and meditative, yet seductive and passionate, the intense rhythms and sounds of Sitar Secrets will completely envelop and enthrall you. Excellent for chill-out and progressive ambience, wonderful for yoga and meditation, a unique melding of traditional Indian and modern ambient music.”

There are nine tracks on this CD, ranging between 2:36 up to 14:08 minutes long. The tracks, while all being sitar-heavy and therefore similar, do not all sound alike; some tracks are very distinctive and even have a slight tune to them. This would be yet another excellent addition to a “meditation music” library. If you like the sitar and are looking to add an ambient Indian mood to your meditations, this would be an excellent choice.

I have included links to download this CD in MP3 format directly from Amazon and/or iTunes right now. The physical CD will not be released until the middle of February.

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