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Podcast Episode 47: Enlightenment and Love

Podcast Episode 47: Enlightenment and Love


The pledge-drive for the Daily Buddhism’s new computer isn’t quite done yet, but it’s getting close, the details are on the site.

This past week, I have been in the process of rebuilding the Tao of the Day website from the ground up with new software. Previously, most of my sites have run the WordPress software, but I’m looking into another platform called Joomla, which is a little more flexible with what it can do. I plan to switch over to the new site probably on Monday the 9th, so stop in and take a look at the site and see what you think about the organization of things there. I don’t know yet if I want to try something similar with the site, but I might if things work out well with the Tao site. Let me know your opinion on the new site starting Monday.

And now let’s get on with this week’s show!

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Why Do Buddhists Fall In Love?

Guest Post: Focus on the Knit

Film: Buddha’s Painters

Koan: The Voice of Happiness

Enlightenment: Are We There Yet?

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