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Podcast Episode 53: Resentment, Living Wills, and the Dreaded Door Knock.

Podcast Episode 53: Resentment, Living Wills, and the Dreaded Door Knock.


Tomorrow’s issue #27 of the Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine will be the final weekly issue. After months of tinkering and thinking, I’ve decided that there just isn’t enough content in one week’s postings to justify a weekly release. Instead, I will do the same thing on a MONTHLY basis. There will be vastly more content per issue, and you’ll only have one-fourth the number of issues to try to keep current. Also, I won’t have to hurry so much to keep up with it, so quality will be higher. Very little of the Daily Buddhism’s content is time-sensitive, so not much will be lost by switching to a larger monthly format.

The MAY issue of the all-new Monthly Buddhism PDF Magazine will be available around the first of May and will include all postings and comments from the Daily Buddhism website during the month of April as well as a few special items. It’ll be an easy way to have everything in one convenient package. The cover price will now be $5.00 per month, which is essentially the same as a month’s worth of weekly issues are now; subscriptions will carry over without change unless you decide to cancel. Essentially, you’ll be getting four times as much information, one-fourth as often, at the same cost. Please feel free to email me your comments on this change.

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We covered some great topics in this week’s free Daily Buddhism Email Newsletter, and we’ll cover them shortly in this week’s episode. Of all the stuff we do on the Daily Buddhism, I like answering your questions the most, so send in yours by email to or voicemail at 937-660-4949. No question is too small or oddball! I answer ALL questions. However, once in a while I get one that I either don’t know the answer to, or don’t really feel qualified to answer. I’ve got two of those here, one of which I’ve been procrastinating on for weeks, so I’m going to open them up to anyone listening. If you have an answer or suggestion, send me an email or comment on the show notes for this episode of the podcast. Here goes:

1. Sara’s ‚ÄúCushion‚Äù Question
2. Janie’s ‚ÄúIn Meditation‚Äù Question]

And now let’s get on with this week’s show!

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1 comment to Podcast Episode 53: Resentment, Living Wills, and the Dreaded Door Knock.

  • Nathan


    I have a response for the question about being in meditation while dying. I don’t know a great deal about it but it has come up in the book I am reading a couple of times. The book I am reading is called “awakening the Buddha within” by Lama Surya Das. He mentions that when one of his teachers was about to die the teacher sat unmoving for several days before eventually slumping over and passing on. Apparently some practicing Buddhist prepare for this final meditation over the course of their lives. I don’t know much more than this but at least it is a start.