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Podcast Episode 54: Choices and Rewards

Podcast Episode 54: Choices and Rewards


As I mentioned last time, issue #27 of the Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine was the final weekly issue. Starting in May, the new version will be known as the Monthly Buddhism PDF Magazine.

The MAY issue of the all-new Monthly Buddhism PDF Magazine will be available around the first of May and will include all postings and comments from the Daily Buddhism website during the month of April as well as a few special items. It’ll be an easy and attractive way to have everything in one convenient package. In the meantime, I’ve set up an option to purchase the entire set of the Weekly Buddhism past issues. That’s all 27 issues in one easy purchase. Check out

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We covered some great topics in this week’s free Daily Buddhism Email Newsletter, and we’ll cover them shortly in this week’s episode. Of all the stuff we do on the Daily Buddhism, I like answering your questions the most, so send in yours by email to or voicemail at 937-660-4949. Seriously; you’ve got questions, so don’t wait to share them!

And now let’s get on with this week’s show!

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This Week’s Links:

Rewards and Punishment

Buddha the Hindu and Jesus the Jew

Koan: A Smile in His Lifetime

Book: The Sayings of Layman P’ang, by James Green

Choices and Responsibility

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