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Copyrights, Privacy, Etc.

Daily Buddhism Privacy and Copyright Policy

Although there’s never been a problem, my little disclaimer about the call-in number last week got me thinking that I should probably post some official notice about legal rights and whatnot. I’m no lawyer, and I’m not trying to rip off anyone, but this stuff probably needs to be said; nothing’s changed since last week. If I’ve left something out or said something you think is worded poorly or is otherwise wrong, please point it out!

Copyrights and Usage Policy:

All Daily Buddhism content is copyright 2006-2008 Brian Schell. All text and audio content is released under the ‚ÄúCreative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0‚Äù license. What this means is that you can copy and forward the audio show or emails to anyone you want, so long as you don’t edit or change anything and give proper attribution, such as a link to the site. You cannot edit the audio shows, but you can pass the original MP3 files or emails on to as many people as you’d like.

By submitting questions or comments in the form of email, blog comments or voice messages, you are granting permission for publication of said material on the website, audio program, email, or other potential future media. If you specifically ask to be excluded from this policy in your message, that’s fine; I won’t use it, just let me know you want to have a private communication.


In any and all cases, I will not use your name or contact information in any public form. Unless you specifically ask me to use your real name, any reference to you will be as “a reader” or “a listener,” as generically as I can. If you choose to use your real name while commenting on the blog or by voice message, then that is your option; what you enter on the blog or record on audio is what readers will see and hear.

The Daily Buddhism Daily Mailing List is for use only by the Daily Buddhism List Manager. Your email and contact information is private, and your address will never be sold or transferred to another entity unless I someday transfer ownership of the whole Daily Buddhism “entity” to someone. There are additional legal rights and disclaimers imposed by Google Groups pertaining to the mail list, you should check their privacy policy if this is a concern.

There is no way to track people who are downloading and listening to the audio program, so those people should have no privacy issues.


The site is primarily supported by donations. The Daily Buddhism is not an official non-profit organization, and all money sent through the Donation Button is legally a “gift” to Brian Schell, but is earmarked for support of the site. The site reserves the right to receive additional income from advertising and commissions as well as other potential sources.

2 comments to Copyrights, Privacy, Etc.

  • Lonnie

    Now That is a boring post;-)

  • Oh I absolutely agree! 😉

    Still, it was just a matter of time before someone sent me an email stating “I didn’t think you’d send that out to the whole list!” It hadn’t come up yet, but I have no doubt that it would have eventually.

    And besides, by putting it out there for all the readers to see, nobody can say I’m hiding the details; besides if people actually read the thing, they might catch me saying something that *IS* wrong and I can fix it.

    But now it’s posted for any and all to see, so no one can say I didn’t make the policy known.

    Tomorrow, back to some actual Buddhist material.