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Buddhist Business Books?

Buddhist Business Book Question:

After reading my comments on last week’s post on performance reviews, a reader wrote in to ask, ‚ÄúAre there any quality books on Buddhism in Business?‚Äù And to be honest, I haven’t read any; I can’t say that I have ever looked for them though. I imagine they must exist; does anyone have a suggestion?

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  • Chris Rudd

    Try “Awake at Work” which I have started. It looks very promising. I have a few others as well but haven’t read them just yet.

  • marc lesser’s book ZBA is at the top of my list

    also claude whitemeyer [sp?] did an anthology on the topic for parallax

    i think les kaye has one out as well

  • David


    Not sure if this is the kind of book you are after but this review was in the latest edition of the Chartered Managment Istitute magazine. hope it helps.


    The Leader’s Way
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Laurens van den Muyzenberg

    Now this is thinking out of the box – a book about leadership written by the leader of one of the world’s religions and an international management consultant and it is very readable.

    It is not about creating more Buddhists but comes from a belief that there are tools and disciplines used in that religion which can assist leaders to make better decisions. It is the outcome of about ten years of meetings and discussions between these two people with one talking about Buddhist teachings and the rational, logical approach to problems and the other about capitalism and economics.

    There are major challenges in the world today such as desperate poverty, population growth and the threat of environmental disaster and we should not just be concerned but take some responsibility for how the global economy operates.

    It is essential that leaders take the right decisions and to do that they will need the ‘Right View’ and then the ‘Right Conduct’. The different sort of leader will be able to see things as they are and understand the interconnectedness between people, companies, countries and the economic system.

    Ultimately the new leaders will need to apply the newly learned principles to issues like poverty, sustainability, the environment and cultural diversity, using a sense of universal responsibility and combining an economic system with moral values.

    There is so much in this small book to inspire you and to help you to accomplish the task. You will be encouraged to take time and be disciplined, but the prize is that you will be a happier person and your organisation will be a happier place. You will be reminded that freedom is precious and encouraged to use the term “responsible free-market economy” instead of capitalism. A decent standard of living for all is within reach. The ideas presented in this book will inspire many leaders to work towards that goal.

    This book represent best value for time spent in reading it.

    Reviewed by Ann M. Kelly FCMI

    Published by Nicholas Brealey
    ISBN: 978-1-85799-511-8
    Price: £16.99

  • Molly DeShong

    The Rules of Victory by Shambhala Sun editor Jim Gimian and senior editor Barry Boyce is a practical, insightful manual for applying the wisdom of the Tao and the Buddhist tradition. They were both close students of Chogyam Trungpa, who founded the Shambhala network of Buddhist meditation centers. I’d start there.