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Podcast Episode 62: Hatred, Ignorance, and Looking to the Weekend

Podcast Episode 62: Hatred, Ignorance, and Looking to the Weekend

Welcome back, this is Daily Buddhism audio show number Sixty-Two recorded April 28th, 2013. My name is Brian Schell, and I am the your host for the show. You can find the text as well as all links mentioned in this program and all past episodes on the website at


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Please note: I’m getting the podcasts caught up from WAY back. The following posts never made it into the last podcast in 2009. These are topics from that time period. Over the coming weeks, I plan to record podcasts for these “retro-topics” until we get all caught up. All these topics are still on the website, and there is no reason whatsoever why you cannot leave your comments on them at any time. I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!

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2 comments to Podcast Episode 62: Hatred, Ignorance, and Looking to the Weekend

  • Teoani

    Just want to say that I’m glad you are back with new podcasts.
    I’ve just downloaded a sample of your new book on my kindle. Will take a look at it tomorrow morning, when the excitement of the Malaysian Elections get out of the way. 🙂
    Can’t say I’m Buddhist, but I agree with many of the concepts explored on some of the shows. Thanks for the wise writings and podcasts!
    A suggestion: Is it possible to record the podcasts stereo? Right now I can only hear your voice in the left earphone 🙂 The music sounds stereo over both earphones, though.

  • Can you please explain the concept of having kids according to the teaching of Buddha. As per my understanding according to the 4 noble truth to end the suffering we should eliminate the cause of suffering. If the suffering of attachment is caused by children shouldn’t we be not having them in the first place ?

    Please comment….