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Podcast Episode 5: The Four Noble Truths


This podcast is essentially a recap of last week’s email list concerning the Four Noble Truths for our audio subscribers.

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2 comments to Podcast Episode 5: The Four Noble Truths

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for having these podcasts… it makes it so easy for me, a person who recently converted to buddhism learn about the beautiful religion.

  • Chris Deibert

    Thank you, Brian for your daily enlightenment. I am listening to the Podcast from the beginning and I apologize if my question has already been answered.

    Are there not only 3 noble truths since the 3rd is redundant? i.e., If enlightenment is the answer to eternal suffering, it goes without saying that there is an answer. #3 is as redundant as ‘basic, introductory material’ and ‘intuitively simple.’

    {btw I wanted to upload an mp3 as invited but I do not see this option.)