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A Brief Hiatus (Again)

Sigh. It’s time for another break already;I’m going out of town until May 5th.

Just like before, Internet access where I am going is going to be difficult. The daily emails will stop temporarily and so with the podcast. It can’t be avoided, but rest assured, this will most likely be the last extended break for the Daily Buddhism. We’re mostly through the very basic introductory material now, so when I do return, we’ll get back on track and into the interesting stuff fairly quickly. Stay tuned; subscribe to the podcast and sign up for the email list from the website and you won’t miss a thing.

Now would be a good time to go back over the material we have covered already. ook over all of that and drop e an email with any questions. I’d like to have some questions to answer when I get back.

Have a good couple of weeks, I will, but I am looking forward to getting back to more Daily Buddhism– there are some big things in the works for the future!

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