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Podcast Episode 8: A Song and an Update

[display_podcast] Today’s email is a little different; there really isn’t a lesson for today, just a song. If you are subscribed to the podcast, you’ll get it automatically. Otherwise, go to and click on the player button to hear it in your browser (or download the mp3 file).

This is a really fun song by 3 Feet Up entitled “Buddha Camp.” To be honest, the first time I heard it I laughed so much I thought Weird Al Yankovic might have done it. Whoever wrote the song put a lot of thought into the lyrics; it’s fun, but the words and ideas are pretty much all important parts of Buddhism.

And I do have an update to yesterday’s ‚ÄúBuddha jokes‚Äù post. I got more comments on that email than any of the serious lessons. Unfortunately, most of the comments were of the ‚Äúdon’t quit your day job‚Äù variety. Yeah, they were awful but I was going with the more basic jokes to begin with. It’s hard to do Zen jokes when we haven’t covered Zen yet.

Speaking of Zen, next week we’ll be covering the different sects or ‚Äúdenominations‚Äù of Buddhism. It’s good to know the different points of view of various types of Buddhism.

Also, please be aware that the website is intended to be interactive. We haven’t had a lot of questions or comments posted there, but there was finally some activity yesterday, when someone asked a question about Monday’s ‚ÄúFive Gifts‚Äù posting. That’s great; you’ll learn more from asking questions than waiting for me to cover everything. Keep on asking!

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