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[Edited 8/5/08]

Effective as of today, I am removing the forums. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of interest, but it is taking a great deal of time to moderate all the spam and “crank” messages being posted there. I may try another message forum at another time, but for now, just post comments and thoughts on the blog here.

Thanks for your support!



Due to many requests for more community and discussion, there is now a message forum for my various podcasts and email subscription lists.

is now the “official” forum for the Daily Buddhism, Tao of the Day, Arcane Tales, and lots of other fun talk and discussion.

While I always answer emails directed at me, by posting a question or comment on the message board, anyone can answer or comment on it. This will allow for a wide variety of responses and ideas.

You will need to register for the message forum, but it’s free and fully automated, you can sign up and start posting immediately.

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  • tom soterakos

    PODCAST: Please do not change the format of your show per your request of the latest podcast. question though: Once the cycle of birth and death is completed and I reach nirvana, where do I go? Or do I just not exist anymore. It seems to me I would want to keep coming back and trying for nirvana…..good show.thanks….TOM

  • Supposedly you just “wink out” of existence entirely; no suffering ever again. Obviously, no one really knows what happens.

    “I would want to keep coming back and trying for nirvana”

    I definitely understand where you’re coming from on this (I don’t think the world is so bad either), but… from the Buddhist point of view, you sound like you may be so attached to this world that you want to keep coming back? That kinda defeats the purpose of all this.