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Review: Seeds of Kindness Beads

Loving Kindness BeadsReview: Seeds of Kindness Beads

“May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful, may you be safe.”

A couple of months ago, I reviewed the book “The Gift of Loving Kindness.” In the introduction of the book, one of the authors mentions that she sells beads. When I contacted her for more information, she kindly sent along a sample set for review.

What you get: A string of Loving Kindness Beads, hand-made and strung together while the assmbler wishes loving kindness upon the new owner and the word in general. As we have already discussed, loving-kindness generally involves well-wishing for yourself, for others, and for the world, by reciting, “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful, may you be safe,” in several variations. You will notice in the picture that there are four large beads, one for each step of the L-K meditation. Note that these are not mala beads, these are uniquey designed for the 4-step L-K “mantra.”

Along with the beads comes a nice little drawstring bag to keep the beads, but I noticed the bag has a “Made in PRC” (China) tag inside. There is also a CD which includes a walk-through on the ideas of loving kindness, use of the beads, and a 20-minute guided meditation session. The CD will be very helpful to newcomers to Loving-Kindness meditation.

Each strand of beads is unique and hand-assembled, and the ones currently on their website are priced between $45 and $90. Although it’s perfectly possible to do loving-kindness meditation without the use of beads, I can easily see this as an excellent gift. The accompanying CD makes an easily accessible introduction to L-K meditation, and the beads are something “real” to work with while meditating, which might make meditation more appealing to beginners.

3 comments to Review: Seeds of Kindness Beads

  • From: Alluman

    I noticed that some of the beads are made from coral. I take it we won’t be buying those… Let’s stop helping people destroying our planet.

  • From Rebecca Elliott:

    Info taken from a website about coral: It is important that people understand “fossil coral” is a natural stone formed from ancient corals. It should not be mistaken for protected and endangered coral reef from the modern oceans of today.

  • Linda Denton

    I have ordered three of these seeds of kindness beads and they are absolutely lovely. Very high quality and feel wonderful in your hand. We are using them as prayer beads to send loving kindness to our parents who are ill and to ourselves and beyong.