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Buddhist Symbology Part 7 and 8: Endless Knot and Wheel

Buddhist Symbology Part 7 & 8

The Endless Knot

This interesting geometrical figure is made up of overlapping corners and lines, and almost looks like some kind of maze or complex moebius strip. You really probably need a picture of this one, check out the site.

The intertwined lines represent the dependence of each person on everyone else. This concept is very important in Buddhism. Since the knot has no beginning or end, it also represents the limitless unending wisdom of the Buddha.

The Dharma Wheel

We have alreadys discussed the Dharma Wheel, so I’m not going to cover that again so soon:

And these Eight items are collectively known as the ‚ÄúEight Auspicious Symbols.‚Äù They are especially common in the Tibetan tradition, but are also commonly used elsewhere. It’s not unusual to see works of art that contain one or more of these symbols, and as you can imagine with eight unique symbols such as these, many artistic opportunities are available for the Buddhist artist.

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