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Buddhist Funerals


Can you advise me please; what is a Buddhist’s preference when he/she passes: burial or cremation? Is it an individual choice or more like the Catholics who lean toward burial. I’d appreciate your comments on my question.


Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter. Historically, cremation is usually the procedure, but that’s just the tradition in the East. . . . → Read More: Buddhist Funerals

Koan: Shoun & His Mother

Koan: Shoun & His Mother

Shoun became a teacher of Soto Zen. When he was still a student his father passed away, leaving him to care for his old mother.

Whenever Shoun went to a meditation hall he always took his mother with him. Since she accompanied him, when he visited monasteries he could not live with the . . . → Read More: Koan: Shoun & His Mother