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Podcast Episode 14: Various Short Topics

Podcast Episode 14

Welcome back! I’m Brian your host and welcome to episode 14 of the Daily Buddhism. As always, past episodes and show notes are available at Be sure to sign up for the daily email list while you’re there, because not everything always makes it to the podcast.

Before we get started, I have a few announcements:

As I do a quick mental inventory, I’m thinking we’ve covered most of what I would consider ‚Äúessential basic Buddhism.‚Äù It may be just about time to start covering more ‚Äúintermediate‚Äù topics. Before we start that, I want to make sure we’ve covered all the basics. So today, I’m going to put out another call for questions:

Have I missed a subject that interests you?
Is any topic that I’ve covered unclear or maybe too shallow?
Questions on anything?
Do you have any inspiring stories or personal thoughts you’d like to share?
Also, if you are a podcast listener: Would you prefer the current format of one show every one or two weeks that covers multiple topics for 20-25 minutes, or would you prefer a short one-topic show every day?

I’m hoping to get enough reader and listener questions and calls for topic elaboration to cover the rest of July, and then start the ‚ÄúDaily Buddhism: Book Two‚Äù in August. When we do start more advanced topics, what would you like to see?

And once again, I need to mention that on the website, there is a button labeled “Donate.” Buddhists around the world have survived for 2500 years on donations and gifts from others. Who am I to try to break that tradition? If you have enjoyed the emails and podcasts so far, please “drop something in the box.”

OK, so now on with the show! I’ve got a mixed lot of topics this time, so we’re going to be all over the place subject-wise.

[Listen to the podcast or read the website for full text]

Links mentioned in the podcast:

The Universe in a Single Atom, By the Dalai Lama (Book):
The Universe in a Single Atom, By the Dalai Lama (Audio Book):

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