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Podcast Episode 39: Real World Vs. Cushion Buddhism

Podcast Episode 39: Real World Vs. Cushion Buddhism

Welcome back, this is Daily Buddhism audio show number thirty-nine. My name is Brian Schell, and I am the your host for the show. You can find the text as well as all links mentioned in this program and all past episodes on the website at


I don’t have any phoned-in questions this week, because no one phoned in any questions! As in the past, if your phoned-in question is played on the show, you will win a free month of the Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine. Of course, if you’re a little phone shy, you can always send in your questions to

On the other hand, this week we saw a big leap in reader-submitted stories and material. You guys want to share your stories, and that’s great! We actually had reader-submitted material three days this week. While I don’t want to do that many guest posts every week, it was really helpful to me this time, as I was setting up a new site, which I’ll tell you about in a minute. If you want to submit something Buddhism-related to be included in the daily Buddhism, drop me a note with your idea and we’ll proceed from there. Personal stories, poems, reviews, a biography, a lesson on something; the topics are wide open

And now on to this week’s show!

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This Week’s Links:

A Heroic Resolution for the New Year

Real World Vs. Cushion Buddhism
Part 1:
Part 2:

A Sensitive Topic

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