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Poem: Crowned Compassion, by Zayra Yves

Time for another guest author. This time we have a great short poem by Zayra Yves. Zayra’s creative writing is published in numerous print journals, anthologies, on-line e-zines and magazines. She has two audio collections, Crowned Compassion and Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me. In addition, two books of her poetry are published: Empty as Nirvana and Ordinary Substance. Currently she is releasing on her third audio collection, while working on a new poetry book, a short story and a fine art collection.


Zayra Yves

Zayra Yves

By Zayra Yves

I rise on this plateau from another world,
from the world beyond, from the roots of virtue
and noble intention. I rise from a prayer
part land, part stone, part divine imagination and clay.

I am carved from the human life here in this world,
from hands that have known sorrow, innocence, loss,
from hands that have known drunkenness and love lust.

I am formed simultaneous as all movement, motion, aware:
born as a Bodhisattva, as a friend, as the Eternal Mother,
as embodiment of attributes both strong and slender.

I grow from the roots of non-attachment as Bodhicitta,
as the relief from torment and suffering I grow up
out of the dirt, mud, rock toward the sun, rain, sky.

I evolve as porcelain insight, blue as the universe
unfolding brilliant white, glowing constellation
star by star, blossoming consciousness petal by petal,
crystal as the lotus from the pure land I emerge.

Copyright 2006 by Zayra Yves

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