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Podcast Episode 45: Am I Buddhist Enough?

Podcast Episode 45: Am I Buddhist Enough?

Welcome back, this is Daily Buddhism audio show number forty-five. My name is Brian Schell, and I am the your host for the show. You can find the text as well as all links mentioned in this program and all past episodes on the website at

Please send in your questions by email or voicemail. or 937-660-4949. Follow me on Twitter at and ask questions there if you like. I’m running a little short on questions for next week, so if you have one, now is a great time to send it in!


[recorded “thanks” from Chris in Texas]

And thank you for those kind words. Chris was referring to podcast 43, wherein I explained the foundations of Buddhism in a nearly hour-long episode. I may release that one as an audiobook someday, but for now it’s completely free. Yes, all the Daily Buddhism podcasts are completely fine to redistribute to as many people as you want at no charge so long as you don’t edit them and you give away the episode in its entirety.

Hey guys, I’m in the need for a new laptop. I need to go with as inexpensive a replacement as possible, so I’ve decided on one of the little $300-ish netbooks. I don’t know yet if it’ll be an Acer or Asus, but I’ve heard good things about both, and they’re similar in cost. As always, money is tight, and the job situation here in Dayton isn’t getting any better. I hesitate to do it, but I’m going to throw this idea out there and see where it goes: “Fund Drive.”

If you’ve donated in the past, please don’t think I’m asking for more from you; thanks for your past support. If you are one of the folks who said they might send something in someday, or have otherwise intended to send something but put it off, then now would be a really good time.

As always, a donation of $50 or more will get you a free year of the Weekly Buddhism PDF Magazine. Of course, anything will help. No, neither I nor the Daily Buddhism are legally a nonprofit organization, so your gift is just that, a gift. Thank you for your continuing support, and I hope to keep answering your questions and bringing the path to Enlightenment to a whole new batch of people in the upcoming year!

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p.s. If you’re in the Dayton, Ohio area and are hiring, forget the donation and email me 🙂

And now let’s get on with this week’s show!

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Am I Buddhist Enough?

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