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Podcast Episode 58: Hatred, Closets, and Loneliness

Podcast Episode 58: Hatred, Closets, and Loneliness

Welcome back, this is Daily Buddhism audio show number Fifty-Eight. My name is Brian Schell, and I am the your host for the show. You can find the text as well as all links mentioned in this program and all past episodes on the website at


My work schedule has gotten very full and is still picking up, so between that and the nice weather, my writing time is getting more and more scarce. So for the next six weeks or so, the daily email newsletters will be changing to every-other-day delivery. Don’t panic; the show is not going away, although with fewer newsletter emails each week, I’m going to switch to doing the podcast every other week until my schedule reverts back to normal. I expect my schedule to change completely again toward the end of June, so things should go back to normal then. So for the next six weeks, expect the show and email schedule to get a little irregular. Stick with me, things will straighten out once I get adjusted to my new schedule. Most importantly, keep those letters and questions coming in; also guest posts will be even more welcome than ever, so if you’re interested in writing something, drop me an email.

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And now let’s get on with this week’s show!

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This Week’s Links:

Dealing With Hatred

Koan; Sleeping in the Daytime

Is Buddhism A Lonely Path?

Closet Buddhism

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5 comments to Podcast Episode 58: Hatred, Closets, and Loneliness

  • ed

    i think im a buddhist without even having to convert to buddhism becuase everything it teaches i already thought through and agree with, i also think some of it is taken too seriously at points where i dont think it needs to be. I know this isnt really a comment on the episode, but just felt like giving my point of view.

  • Markgy2k

    I agree with ED whole heartedly. To ‘Convert’ seems like a need to fullfill someones idea of what you ‘Should’ do in order to follow the buddist way.

    Is this not the very trap we are wanting to avoid?

  • Markgy2k

    to add to that – the very fact that your reading this means you as I, are awakened to the fact the majority of people are not.

  • Steve

    I was drawn to Buddhism at an early age. I never dreamed I would call myself one. Then one day, it all kinda clicked, and I realized that I already was “Buddhist”. There was no conversion. Learning about Buddhism has always seemed more like remembering long forgotten things, things I knew deep down on some level. So now I claim “Buddhist”, but what does that title really mean anyways? That I see the world as impermanent? That I see the “empty” aspect of temporary forms? That I realize that wrongly place desire leads to suffering? I would say that the title “Buddhist” could easily be replaced by “awake”.

  • Sherry Mulligan

    I am new to Buddhism and really enjoy listening to your podcast. I am able now to attend a Buddhist center where I live and looking forward to the others I will meet there. It will be nice to celebrate together. Thanks for all you do Brian. Sherry in Roanoke Va.