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hawaii-byodo-in-buddhist-temple1A reader wrote in:

Buddhism has helped me find my path from and out of suffering. Recently I joined a Mayahana temple, I would like to know, can I stop by any temple daytime to meditate in the temple hall, or just bow? What are usually the norms, because I would like to stop by and meditate and respect the Buddha for 20 minutes after my work day, as it is on my way home, and the atmosphere would further my daily path.

I would like to know really, what are the “during the day” procedures for most temples. And what as a patron are you expected to generally follow, and what are the traditions for burning incense for example.

I found out that before entering the big hall with the Buddhas you ned to take off your shoes, you need to remain as silent as possible while in the temple, Etc.

This would be of some interest to beginners I believe.

Wishing you peace and wisdom.

My Response:

The problem with this topic is that every temple has different rules.  I could tell you about the temples around here, but they certainly won’t be the same where you live. Your best bet is to simply give them a call and ask what hours they are open. Some temples and centers in America are not very busy and may have very limited hours, while others are thriving and open 24/7… it just depends on them.

The ones here in Dayton, for example, are only open a few hours on Saturday and Sunday, while they are closed throughout the week except for special events. I suspect this is the norm unless you are in a very large or very diverse city.

Good luck

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