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Hello everyone!

Back in the old days, I’d post the weekly podcast on Saturdays, including any announcements or status reports that came up that week. Well, as you know, I’m not currently doing the podcasts anymore (although I’m reconsidering). Still, I’m going to do the occasional Saturday post of announcements or miscellaneous topics. That’s what this is.

The Site:

The Daily Buddhism has been back for three weeks, and everything is going well on this end. As I said back in my “Returning” post, I have quite the backlog of reader questions, but they’re starting to get thin. I need your requests and questions… What do you readers want to see here?


I am considering bringing back the weekly podcasts, but I need something to work with… Let me know.


The Five-Minute Buddhist has been selling well, and has surprised me in its popularity. For a first book, it’s really taking off. You can find it in paperback format here or Kindle format here. I’m working on getting it listed though iBooks and a few other places as well. I have already started on the sequel, focusing entirely on the topic of meditation, and consisting of 100% new material. It should be available in the spring.

Mailing List/Updates

Up until my long break, I posted my daily posts on the blog and also sent them out to a long list of mailing list subscribers. You could get “A daily dose of Buddhist wisdom in your email box” After a few years of inactivity, I assumed it would be inappropriate to start sending out emails to such an old mailing list, so I deactivated it. The daily posts ARE still available by email, but you’ll need to sign up for them again on the blog. Look in the upper right-hand corner of the sight and sign up. It’s free and you’ll only get one message a day.

Another Site:

I’m also working on another site which may be of interest to you. Free Stuff Bulletin is a daily blog post/newsletter about free stuff. Really free stuff, I promise. No bait-and-switch, no catch, no strings. You may not be interested in every item every day, but there’s plenty of good stuff for everyone. We’ve had everything from free cookies to free pipe tobacco (on Monday), so watch the site. Here’s the contact info:

Daily Buddhism Contact:


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