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Q&A: Books and Self-Help

Q&A #13

Two more reader comments and then we’ll get back to more instructional stuff next week. Have a great weekend!


A Reader recently wrote:


You mentioned that you didn’t know a lot about Tantra/Vajrayana i have a book that either you could read or just reccomend to others in search of more information about it.

“Introduction to Tantra the transformation of desire” by lama yeshe/thubten yeshe

i haven another one but i’m not sure where it is i’ll look for it.

Thanks for all the podcasts and emails!



My Response


I haven’t read it, but Amazon readers give it five stars as well. I’ll pick it up and do a review someday. Thanks for the tip!

Other good book recommendations are very welcome.


A Reader recently wrote:



I am a carpenter. I’m not seeking enlightenment. I’m seeking truth and hoping to deal with it as well as I can.

A self-help book –using basic buddhist ideas–, years ago, helped me when I separated from my wife of 12 years. We ‘worked it out’ because this approach to regulating ourselves revealed what was hurting our relationship. I’ve been married now for over 20 years.

For those who look too far, like the person seeking solace for his friends after his moving away, I say, ‘start with yourself’. If those who love you, really love you, patience will rule. Just like the saying, “If you love something, set it free…” It’s true.

Thanks again, Brian. I work miles away from home and love listening to your informative podcasts while watching thistles and cactus thrive.



My Response


I think Buddhism may be the best of all “self-help” methods. If you think about it, most self-help programs and speakers are really just advocating Buddhist ideals without many of the “religious” trappings.

‚ÄúIf you love something, set it free…”

If there was ever a catch-phrase for non-attachment, that’d get my vote.

2 comments to Q&A: Books and Self-Help

  • [admin posting for Troy]

    “A self-help book –using basic buddhist ideas–”

    Was there a name with the book and are there other Buddhist relationship-marriage books others recommend?

  • Dharma Atma Kaur

    Journey to the Infinite One by Dreama Vance~

    Here’s a bit from his writings~

    You are not your body. If you were, where would you be? Your brain, your heart, and eye? Your arm, or leg? No.
    How do you go about, trying to describe what a body is without concepts. We all know concepts are an illusion.
    You are the observer of all these things. You are the one, the ‘I’ that exists beyond the physical body, beyond the mind. When the physical body is gone, the ‘I’ remains…in other dimensions..How great thou art!!