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The Best of Daily Buddhism 2008

The Best of Daily Buddhism 2008

Happy New Year! I wanted to make a special post to wish you all a Happy New Year. Thanks for your readership in 2008 – I’ve really enjoyed continuing to develop the Daily Buddhism and have appreciated your continued support and involvement in the growing online Buddhist community.

As we move into 2009 I thought it would be fun to look back quickly on the past year with a top 10 list of MY favorite posts published here. So here are my own favorites from the past year, in no particular order.

Some of the posts meant something to me personally, some taught me something, some were just fun to write. Many of them had really great reader comments, so if you follow the links and look back to re-read the posts on the blog, be sure to scroll down to the reader comments below them, and feel free to add to the comments if you have new thoughts to add.

Zen in the Dark
I like the posts where I actually learn something about myself.

Meditation on a Whoopie Cushion
Another personal experience

Black and White of Gray?
A reader makes a great point and sparks discussion

Buddhist Pet Food
A so-called “dumb question” reveals a complex problem.

The Pesky Fifth Precept
Is it really debatable or is it only justification?

War and War 2
These posts were good, especially due to the reader comments
War! What is it Good For?:
Question: Follow-up to War:

I had this one all wrong until I did the research

Christian Bashing
It’s so easy to do sometimes, we slip. Ours is not the only way.

Fat Buddha, Skinny Buddha, Laughing Buddha
I got a lot of email about this from people who didn’t know about this.

This is a favorite topic among new Buddhists, so it’s one of mine too!
Are Buddhists Vegetarians?
To Meat or not to Meat?

So there’s MY list for the year. How about you? Have any of the articles posted on the site made a difference for you? Was there something you learned that otherwise you had completely backwards? Was there something you though I was completely wrong about? Was there something that struck you in just the right way? Comment below!

And do remember: it’s your involvement that keeps the Daily Buddhism site moving forward. Your questions and comments are very much appreciated, as is your continued readership. Thanks for a great year!

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