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Reincarnation, God, and Things You Don’t Believe


Regarding your line “I mean that Buddhism isn’t a system of faith or belief, but a way of living and interacting with the world around us.” ( How do you reconcile this dealing with what a Buddhist can see and experience with a belief in reincarnation, something that “you don’t know and you don’t remember.” . . . → Read More: Reincarnation, God, and Things You Don’t Believe

Confessions and Guilt


In Catholicism and other sects of Christianity, there is a focus on a confession of sins to others, such as priests or a congregation. Are there similar actions in the various Buddhist sects?


There are many examples of monks and laypeople “confesssing” various things to the original Buddha. One story goes as follows:

A wealthy householder . . . → Read More: Confessions and Guilt

Koan: Flower Shower

Koan: Flower Shower

Subhuti was Buddha’s disciple. He was able to understand the potency of emptiness, the viewpoint that nothing exists except in its relationship of subjectivity and objectivity.

One day Subhuti, in a mood of sublime emptiness, was sitting under a tree. Flowers began to fall about him.

“We are praising you for your discourse on emptiness,” the . . . → Read More: Koan: Flower Shower

Too Many Choices


I suppose, after 2,500 years, there’s going to be more than one Buddhist tradition, but it seems the more deeply one delves into Buddhism, one finds more and more layers, lamas and resources.

Maybe I’m too cynical, but I suspect that as excellent as Buddhism is, like Christianity, it has its share of charlatans and inflated egos, . . . → Read More: Too Many Choices

Podcast Episode 55: Race, Violence, and Shaolin Qi Gong

Podcast Episode 55: Race, Violence, and Shaolin Qi Gong


Nothing major to announce this week, but a couple of things I’d like to remind you about. First, everything I read here on the show appeared first in the free daily email newsletter. Every weekday I send out a message . . . → Read More: Podcast Episode 55: Race, Violence, and Shaolin Qi Gong