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Reality TV and the Fifth Precept

A reader wrote in:

I just got through reading about the five precepts. Whew. There are some tough ideas in there to try to put into practice. If the idea of not watching my favorite reality television show causes me great suffering, shouldn’t I watch it? I say this half-joking. I don’t think that there is anything . . . → Read More: Reality TV and the Fifth Precept

Eat Your Vegetables!

Dear Brian, 

I am thinking about converting into Buddhism. To me it just feels right. Although after listening to your introduction about the 5 Precepts, I find it hard to follow the 1st and the 5th. 

I have been to Iraq and fortunately I wasn’t put in a position to take another person’s life. I don’t think that . . . → Read More: Eat Your Vegetables!

The Five Precepts : Basics, part 5

The Five Precepts
By Brian Schell

Today, we start looking at the last of the major Buddhist “lists.” We’ve talked about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path already. Let’s look at the Five Precepts now. First, I will point out that some groups of Buddhists have eight precepts and some have ten, but these five are . . . → Read More: The Five Precepts : Basics, part 5