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Podcast Episode 36: Beads, Seals, Immeasurables, and Past Lives

A Quick Saturday afternoon addition to the announcements: I got a little carried away deleting SPAM posts and accidentally deleted a dozen or so REAL comments today. I was able to restore the comments from backups, but all of them now show up as being entered by “Brian Schell” with the original writer of the post being shown as “From: so-and-so.” Sorry about the goof, but nothing was really lost.


Happy Holidays, (whatever that may be to you)!

If you enjoy the daily Buddhism, you can help out by putting up a good review for the show at iTunes. I’ve added a special link to the site to make this easier for you: if you go to iTunes will automatically open up and find the show in the iTunes store, you can just enter your review right there. Just a note, if it asks ‚ÄúBy:‚Äù put YOUR NAME, not mine. I appreciate it and so might other potential listeners.

I mentioned last week that I’m getting a backlog of questions. In the meantime I’ve decided that a lot of them were more appropriate to answer brief emails rather than post them here, so I’m pretty much caught up now.

A reminder: All of the articles and posts you hear about on the show go out in our free daily email and are posted on the DB website. Many readers go to the website and post their own comments and ideas on the topics there. So don’t just listen to me here on the show, stop in and read the comments on the website; many readers add some great insight to what I have to say.

On the website this week I changed a few things around and made some improvements. Each and every post now has a list of “Related posts” at the bottom. I think that will help follow some topics much easier.

Also gathered all the various ways to get Daily Buddhism content together in one place for easy sign-up. has places to sign up for the free daily newsletter, the podcast, the RSS feeds and the Weekly Buddhism. Easy!

On the subject of easy, I also revamped the donation portion of the site. Instead of the two little buttons, there is now a page of various options, and you can now choose to help things going for as little as ONE DOLLAR a month. I’m pretty sure it’ll never get any easier than that.

And now on to this week’s show!

Podcast Episode 36:

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This Week’s Links:

Voice Mail Number: 937-660-4949

Review: Seeds of Kindness Beads

The Four Seals

The Four Immeasurables

Mini Topics: Past Lives, Mantras, Sutras, and Chants
Past lives, Pro-:
Past lives, Con-:

Book: The Tao of Now

Buddha, by Deepak Chopra (iTunes link)
iTunes, download NOW:
Amazon Paperback:
Amazon CD Audiobook:

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