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Other Forms of Meditation

Other Forms of Meditation

Today we wrap up the mega-series on meditation by mentioning a few other forms of meditation. There are probably others that I haven’t thought of, as there are limitless ways to meditate, and unlimited numbers of subjects to contemplate.

Who Am I? – Self-study meditation to eliminate all false ideas of self.

Meditation via Prayer – Basically what it sounds like.

Thought Power – Self-hypnosis, positive thinking, laws of attraction, etc.

Emotional Meditation – Like yesterday’s loving kindness in practice, but substituting thoughts of sadness, giving, graciousness, surrender, and forgiveness.

Yoga – while practicing yoga, one is meant to be aware of all parts of the body and the movements of those parts. Consciousness of the breath is also heavily stressed in Yoga.

Martial Arts – Often stresses the life force, the body, the mind, the breath, and the concept of oneness.

Sex – Tantric sex requires mental and physical discipline as well as most of the same benefits of Yoga.

Whichever form(s) of meditation you choose, you will enjoy lowered levels of stress, and possibly increased physical health as well. These are documented, scientific benefits of meditating regularly.
In addition, of course, are the spiritual, psychological, and karmic benefits to meditation, which are a bit more subjective, but most practitioners give these heavy value as well.

It’s easy‚Ķ Just sit.

That’s all I have for you on meditation for the moment. I suspect you have questions about meditation, which I’d love to cover before moving on to another topic. Send in your questions by email at or phone them in at 937-660-4949. I don’t have anything special planned for next week yet, so now is a great time for questions, meditation-related or otherwise.

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