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Zen, Part three

Zen Part three: Zazen

As I mentioned yesterday, Zen is very individual and is unique to each practitioner. Of all the forms of Buddhism, this is the one where it is most import to know yourself. How do you get to ‚Äúknow yourself?‚Äù For students of Zen, it’s done primarily through a . . . → Read More: Zen, Part three

Zen, Part two

First, a quick notice: Next week I am going to spend the week answering your questions here. I have several good ones that I’ve been holding onto, and will answer them for all to see. If you have a question about something we’ve already covered, post it on the www.dailybuddhism.com site. You no longer . . . → Read More: Zen, Part two

Zen, Part one

Now we start on the form of Buddhism with which I am most familiar, Zen.

The teachings of the Buddha have been handed down from teacher to student. Zen is a lineage tradition; a master has a student who follows him for years, observing and learning at the Master’s feet. There is a one-to-one transmission . . . → Read More: Zen, Part one

Podcast Episode 9: Denominations of Buddhism


Podcast Update

I’m Brian your host, and welcome to the Daily Buddhism podcast for May 23rd, 2008. Please check out the website at www.dailybuddhism.com and sign up for the Daily Buddhism email list . . . → Read More: Podcast Episode 9: Denominations of Buddhism

Denominations of Buddhism: Tibetan

Tibetan Buddhism

We talked about Tibetan Buddhism a little bit a few weeks ago, so if you don’t remember, go back to http://www.dailybuddhism.com/archives/19 (Podcast Episode 4: Tibet) for a quick review. I am not going to explain the Dalai Lama or the Tibetan occupation again today, but these concepts are very important to . . . → Read More: Denominations of Buddhism: Tibetan

Denominations of Buddhism: Vajrayana / Tantric

Tantric Buddhism / Vajrayana

I’ll be honest here; I don’t know that much about this group. Most of the material in this section is taken from Wikipedia. It’s a lot more ‚Äúmystic‚Äù than most of the other groups, and I have no real experience with it.

Tantric Buddhism is also know as . . . → Read More: Denominations of Buddhism: Vajrayana / Tantric

Denominations of Buddhism: Pure Land

Pure Land

Before we get into the belief of Pure Land Buddhism, we need to introduce a new character. Amida Buddha (also called Amitabha) was a monk who attained enlightenment. This is probably a good time to point out that every time you see the word Buddha, we are NOT necessarily talking about the . . . → Read More: Denominations of Buddhism: Pure Land

Denominations of Buddhism: Theravada & Mahayana

“Denominations” of Buddhism: Theravada & Mahayana

Theravada Buddhism is the oldest form of Buddhism, and is probably the closest to the core teachings of the original Buddha. Most of the other schools have added significant new elements to Buddhism, but Theravada is as close to “plain vanilla” Buddhism as possible.

Theravada Buddhism explains that . . . → Read More: Denominations of Buddhism: Theravada & Mahayana

Podcast Episode 8: A Song and an Update

[display_podcast] Today’s email is a little different; there really isn’t a lesson for today, just a song. If you are subscribed to the podcast, you’ll get it automatically. Otherwise, go to http://www.dailybuddhism.com and click on the player button to hear it in your browser (or download the mp3 . . . → Read More: Podcast Episode 8: A Song and an Update

Buddha Jokes, Round One

Buddha Jokes, Round One

As I said, just some fun for the rest of the week. Next week, we’ll get into some more of the serious stuff. Buddhists know not to take life too seriously, and to realize the importance of a good laugh.

I don’t know if these are going to give you a good laugh, . . . → Read More: Buddha Jokes, Round One