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Legendary Days and Holidays

A Reader writes:

I’m listening to the podcast on Buddhist Christmas, and I just wanted to add one thing. Technically, Christmas is not a Christian holiday. It started in Germany from a saint (Nicholas) who gave out presents to orphans. And if you do scientific research, you can figure out that there is no . . . → Read More: Legendary Days and Holidays

Meditation on a Whoopie Cushion

Meditation on a Whoopie Cushion

Here’s a little story and a lesson that I learned just this week:

As I explained a few weeks back, I always celebrate a traditional Christmas with my extended family on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas Day with my closer family. It’s fun, and more of a family gathering than anything . . . → Read More: Meditation on a Whoopie Cushion

A Buddhist Christmas

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Santa Brian Xmas 2007

I’ve been listening to the podcast since summertime, and I guess I am a new Buddhist. What do I do about celebrating Christmas? . . . → Read More: A Buddhist Christmas