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Is A Sangha Necessary?

A reader writes:

Just found your website. Thank you for putting such great content available for all to see. I got into Buddhism because of a friend. She is part of the NKT and that’s all the Buddhism that I know. Due to their dispute and protests, I no longer want to be involved with . . . → Read More: Is A Sangha Necessary?

Buddhist Temples


Hello, I am a teenager who was raised a Catholic and now looks towards Buddhism. My question is, is there a specific day to go to temple? Much like the Christian Sunday masses? Also, can you please tell me what goes on at a temple? If I visit one, what goes on during a ceremony? . . . → Read More: Buddhist Temples

The Sangha Situation: Nowhere to Go

A Reader recently wrote:

I’ve been wondering, since I’m in a non-buddhist area, what could I substitute?

So I’ve started going to church, Christian church, so that I can get involved in a religious society and serve for the better.

I haven’t told anyone at the church yet that I’m actually a Buddhist, and I’m deciding the best way . . . → Read More: The Sangha Situation: Nowhere to Go