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When Meditation Isn’t Enough

A reader writes:

Hello I’m a fellow Buddhist, I do have a temper and stress problem and always have and have tried to work on it. I have suffered from anxiety since young adulthood, but recently after giving birth to my son have been affected with what doctors think is stress induced IBS. It . . . → Read More: When Meditation Isn’t Enough

Words of Advice for the New Buddhist


I am in the midst of a spiritual journey that has lead me to explore Buddhism.

So I would like to ask: If you could say anything to someone looking into Buddhism for the first time what would you say?


I will now boil down all my experience with Buddhism into one pithy line that will quickly . . . → Read More: Words of Advice for the New Buddhist

Just Sitting or Just Goofing Off?

Phoned in question:

In Buddhism you are supposed to avoid clinging. I want to meditate right now, but I have work to do. Is it better to meditate now and let the work go, or do the work and let meditation slide for now? Is wanting to meditate instead of working a form of clinging?


I would . . . → Read More: Just Sitting or Just Goofing Off?