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Podcast Episode 59: Paradoxes and Being in the Present

Podcast Episode 59: Paradoxes and Being in the Present


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1 comment to Podcast Episode 59: Paradoxes and Being in the Present

  • steve

    I know that it is a little late in the game to leave a comment but maybe this will help someone who reads this post later.I see the logic of the writer in stating that to release from grasping we need to use grasping(if i understand the writer correctly),but i would like to add my input that we do not need to fous on the details but some times we need to step back and get the big picture.For me the BUDDHA basically taught on what causes suffering and how to escape suffering.Using a paradox to lessen suffering seems to me to be following the Buddha’s path.Whatever it takes to help to relieve my suffering seems o.k. to me.The Buddha used the analogy of the dharma as a raft to cross over the stream to the other side of the shore(the shore represents enlightenment).The buddha said it was o.k. to disregard the raft once we get to the other side.