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Buddhism and University

A reader writes:

I have just recently started listening to your podcasts and I am hooked. I was first introduced to Buddhism in a religious studies course and was immediately intrigued. I’ve always wanted to learn more and try to put it into practice, but I didn’t know where to begin and most books and lectures I . . . → Read More: Buddhism and University

Don’t Fear the Karma


I have only recently started listening to your podcast. Listening to it has been part of my seeking of a belief system. I have found it extra-ordinarily difficult to find something to believe in be it spirituality, ideas, people and even myself. Though I know this issue has to do more with my own psychology then . . . → Read More: Don’t Fear the Karma

Dealing With Hatred


Hi Brian, I’ve been tumbling this in my head. One of the strongest tenents in Buddhism I agree with is ending suffering, both for the self and others. It’s been a core part of my spiritual path as I’ve started transitioning from female-to-male. I’ve been lucky that many are supportive, even if they do not understand . . . → Read More: Dealing With Hatred

He Made Me So Angry That I…


My question has to do with anger in the Buddhist practice. One of the main reasons why I turned to Buddhism is to get better control of myself. I have been genetically cursed with a hot temper. I have been attempting to learn to control it all my life and I thought perhaps Buddhism may help . . . → Read More: He Made Me So Angry That I…

Weekly Buddhism Issue 4

Contents of this issue of the Weekly Buddhism:

Free Guided Meditation MP3 File
Fat Buddha, Skinny Buddha, Laughing Buddha: Buddhist Statues explained
Book Review: Footprints in the Snow, by Chen Master Sheng Yen
Buddhist Prayer: Why Pray if there is no God?
Koan; Shoun & His Mother
Jataka Tale #3, The Merchant of Sari
Newslinks: Dalai Lama Had a Busy Week
News: 133 Temples . . . → Read More: Weekly Buddhism Issue 4